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Tax Resolution Services

As part of our commitment to customer service, The Levy Group of Tax Professionals in Atlanta takes the time to make sure you get the best back taxes help for your specific situation. Just like the circumstances of your tax troubles are different from the next person's, so, too, are the solutions. Our tax attorneys and enrolled agents work together to form a customized back tax relief plan that's designed around your particular debt and circumstances. We treat each client individually to make sure you get the best outcome for your owed back taxes. Offering customized answers for state and federal taxes, our tax lawyers and enrolled agents in Atlanta can help put your current tax problems firmly in your past. 

The Levy Group of Tax Professionals - Tax ProfessionalOur team utilizes a variety of different settlement and negotiation tactics to provide you with back tax help. We've been in the tax debt resolution business for nearly 30 years, and we know the tax code backward and forward. At The Levy Group of Tax Professionals, we put that expertise to work for you. Don't let the weight of your back taxes crush you: we'll put an end to the stress and the debt in one fell swoop. Call right now to get started. We can help with:

Installment Agreements

The IRS understands that for many people, paying off your back taxes in one lump sum simply isn't an option. That's why, in most cases, you can pay your tax debt over time in the form of an installment agreement. At The Levy Group of Tax Professionals, our tax lawyer pros can help you set up a back taxes resolution installment agreement that helps you achieve the best possible outcome. To minimize interest and avoid penalties, it's always best to pay off as much of your back tax as soon as you can, and our enrolled agents can help you formulate a payment plan that maximizes your back tax payments without causing you undue hardship. We use our expertise to ensure you pay as little as possible while still returning to good standing with the tax authorities. To learn more about installment agreement payment plans and your owed back taxes, call or e-mail our tax attorneys right away!

Offers in Compromise

This type of back tax relief is a settlement negotiated between the IRS and the taxpayer that resolves the debt for less than the total back taxes owed. Helping make your tax debts more manageable, an offer in compromise lets you completely settle for less than the total amount that you currently owe. The Levy Group of Tax Professionals can help facilitate an offer in compromise settlement, including guiding you through the qualifications and paperwork. The IRS only accepts offers in compromise under the following three circumstances, so our tax attorneys can help assess whether or not applying for an offer in compromise makes sense as well as assist in the negotiations themselves. Offers in compromise are accepted when there is:

Penalty Abatement

When you owe back taxes, soon you'll find yourself owing a lot more than the original debt. That's because the IRS charges both interest and hefty fines on back taxes. Penalties can build up to a maximum of almost 50% of the tax total, and interest is usually around 4% per year. Those penalties can quickly make even a small tax debt a major problem. However, there is a solution when you're facing nasty penalties and snowballing interest: The Levy Group of Tax Professionals may be able to help you secure penalty abatement. The Internal Revenue Service does understand that sometimes people have legitimate reasons for owing taxes, and in these cases, penalties can be removed or reduced. For penalty abatement, the IRS requires "reasonable cause" for late or non-payment of taxes, and each case is determined on a case-by-case basis, so it's important to present the best possible evidence from the get-go. At The Levy Group of Tax Professionals, our tax lawyers and enrolled agents in Atlanta can help you prepare your case to prove reasonable cause and secure penalty abatement. We use our 22+ years of experience and knowledge of tax laws to serve you. Some examples of reasonable cause include:

Bank Levy Releases

Did you know that the IRS can seize money straight out of your bank accounts to satisfy the back taxes you owe them? Known as a bank levy, this process begins when the IRS notifies your bank and then freezes your account for 21 days. After that time period has elapsed, the IRS can withdraw funds to cover the full amount of the back taxes, penalties, and interest you owe. And once the tax officials have withdrawn the money, it is nearly impossible to get it back. So, if you've received notice that a bank levy has been placed on your account, call the tax lawyer experts at The Levy Group of Tax Professionals right now. Our professionals can help you reach an alternative settlement with the IRS and get the bank levy released. By resolving your IRS back taxes on terms you have some control over, instead of just letting the IRS take money out of your bank account, it can help make the financial burden more manageable for you. Remember, fast action can make all the difference in the case of bank levies, so contact us immediately if you're in this tough back taxes situation.

Wage Garnishment Relief

When your back taxes go unpaid for a long period of time, the IRS is legally allowed to resolve the debt by deducting money straight from your paycheck. Called wage garnishment or a wage levy, this action can obviously create some serious issues for your personal finances. The Levy Group of Tax Professionals of Atlanta understands that wage garnishment can make it hard to pay other bills or even put food on the table, and our tax attorneys can assist you in stopping wage levies. Through other back taxes help strategies like an offer in compromise or installment agreement, we can help you settle with the IRS in a way that does not involve wage garnishment. Don't just sit back and take the hardship created by wage levies: our team can work together with the IRS to come to an alternative back tax solution, so please don't hesitate to call.

Property Lien Releases or Withdrawals

When your IRS back taxes are not resolved, the IRS can seek payment by placing a lien on your assets, including homes and businesses. These liens ensure that at least part of the debt will be paid. Property liens spell trouble for two reasons: first, the IRS now has a legal claim against your property, and second, tax liens make it nearly impossible to get a loan, new credit card, or approval for a mortgage. If you're dealing with a property lien because of unpaid taxes, The Levy Group of Tax Professionals can help you settle with the IRS in a way that results in the release or withdrawal of the lien. Our tax lawyers in Atlanta can help you get the complications and stress of a tax lien out of your life for good. Contact us now for more information or to get started on making the IRS lien a thing of the past.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Filing tax returns jointly with your spouse can make your life easier, but it can also make your life more difficult if you end up owing back taxes. That's because both of you are equally liable for the total tax, penalties, and interest for that specific year, even if you've since separated or divorced. In short, that means that the IRS can go after one of you for ALL of the back taxes you owe. If you find yourself in this situation, call The Levy Group of Tax Professionals. Our back taxes specialists may be able to help you with filing for innocent spouse relief. The IRS realizes that, in some cases, it is unfair to hold one spouse fully responsible for the tax debt. Innocent spouse relief enables you to secure back tax relief from the IRS, and our tax attorneys can help you navigate the complexities of filing for this type of a settlement. There are three different types of innocent spouse relief claims, and we can help you apply for the one that best fits your situation.

Helping people and businesses just like you with back taxes problems of all types and sizes for over 25 years, The Levy Group of Tax Professionals is ready to put our expertise to work for you. Our goal is effective, complete back tax resolution for each and every one of our clients, and we go above and beyond to provide you with the caring customer service you deserve. Put your tax troubles behind you: Call our professionals today!

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